Ultra-light-weight Virtual Reality Glasses


Project Introduction

Virtual Reality (VR) is a rapidly emerging field that has grown rapidly and has shown an unprecedented upward trend over the past few years. It is estimated that by 2020, the virtual reality of the market value can reach 70 billion US dollars. It has great application prospects in education, medical, business, engineering, entertainment and military, and has attracted a large number of researchers to invest in VR technology research and development.
Although the existing commercial VR product price is reasonable, but it’s bulky, opaque, smaller field of view and other issues need to be resolved. The existing VR glasses isolate the wearer from the environment in which he is, forcing the wearer to sacrifice the feelings of their real world. In addition to uncomfortable wear experience, this kind of glasses in some such as mobile devices, military equipment, and the application environment will also constitute a serious security risk.


At the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, our team presented a new concept of VR equipment without a helmet, or transparent.


Project features: ultra-light-weight VR device allows the wearer at the same time in a real and virtual environment, enjoy the advantages of two worlds without sacrificing any information. This new concept VR device is based on the recent development of our world-made graphene ultra-thin flat lens with ordinary glasses and even contact lenses, so that the VR image and the actual image at the same time in the eyes of the wearer. The ultra-high resolution of our lens allows the wearer to focus on the image around the eyeball. The integrated optical lens element then amplifies the small image and sends it to the brain for processing. This new concept of VR equipment can achieve large viewing angle, in order to enhance the wearer on the VR experience of the surrounding environment. This lens can also help us to achieve personalized coordination and integration of virtual space and the real world of various activities for the emerging social media and the actual application of VR to create a new platform.





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