In order to promote the rapid developing automotive industry, the China High-tech Industrialization Association, in conjunction with Chinese Society for Optical Engineering, held the "Intelligent Driving and Photoelectric Innovation Summit” on December 22, 2017 in Beijing. The conference invited domestic and foreign experts, industry users, Suppliers, R & D teams and investment institutions to participate in the conference to bring together wisdom of experts in relevant fields, such as intelligent driving technology, to talk about future development trends and build a horizontal collaboration platform for all parties. ACAMMA is proud to co-organize the event, and the chairman, Professor Baohua Jia, co-chaired the event and gave an invited speech.


The event includes the following fields


➢ Development and opportunities of related industry chain brought by self-driving technology

➢ Driver assistance systems and artificial intelligence

➢ Applications and development of Lidar in unmanned system

➢ IntelliSense and vehicle optical system

➢ New energy storage battery technology and application

➢ Intelligent driving in the big data era

➢ The development of optoelectronic technology in new energy vehicles



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